Disabled Fife pensioner trapped in freezing water for almost 45 minutes

James Campbell on his mobility scooter.
James Campbell on his mobility scooter.

A pensioner from Leven was hours away from death last week as he found himself trapped under his disability scooter in freezing water.

James Campbell, 86, of Carberry Road in the town, had been at Leven Golfing Society last Thursday, November 1, playing dominoes as he does every Thursday.

Sandra and Yasmine Muir.

Sandra and Yasmine Muir.

He left there as usual around 9.30 pm and headed home. He took a short cut through the lane between Leven Golf Course and the burn that runs alongside.

He misjudged where he was and ended up in the burn with his mobility scooter trapping him in the freezing water.

He was in the water for approximately 30 – 45 minutes before Yasmine Muir heard his cries for help. Yasmine alerted her mum, who in turn alerted a neighbour and they began to hunt for the person shouting ‘help’. They eventually found James soaking wet and shivering uncontrollably.

They called for an ambulance and the fire brigade who turned up and managed to get the hypothermic pensioner out of the burn and off to hospital.

James’s daughter Gill said: “Dad was taken to the Vic Hospital with hypothermia. He was kept in and the hospital staff said he is lucky to be alive due to his temperature being so low. He wishes to thank Yasmine and her mum as well as all the others for saving his life as had she ignored his cries of help, he would not be here today.”

Sandra Muir said: “My daughter was in her room studying when she heard James’s cries. I got a neighbour to come out with a torch to help and we found poor James freezing and soaking wet in the burn.

“I’m just so pleased that it all turned out well and that he’s now back to his old self.”