Disgust at ‘wanton vandalism’ on memorial

Cllr Jim Young has slammed those behind the act of vandalism.
Cllr Jim Young has slammed those behind the act of vandalism.

VANDALS have trashed the site of Methil’s war memorial just days before the area remembers its fallen.

Two-foot tall electronic lighting units which lead to the memorial had their heads kicked off at some point over the weekend, with the vandals also snapping the iron railing which circles the statue.

Area councillor Jim Young couldn’t hide his anger and upset at the act near the memorial, which will soon be the focus of Remembrance on Sunday, November 11.

Cllr Young, who visited the statue on Monday along with police officers and Fife Council officials, snapped: “It’s just wanton vandalism and a complete lack of respect.

“They’ve come through and just kicked in all the lanterns, which are electric, so they’ll have to be completely re-wired now.

“It looks like they’ve been standing on the chain which goes around the memorial as well, because that’s been snapped. What a complete mess they’ve made.”

It’s estimated that each lantern will cost around £100 to replace, with seven of them smashed up.

Police are seeking any information on the incident, which they reckon took place some time between 6pm on Friday, October 26, and 10am on Monday, October 29.

A spokesman said while there was no actual damage to the memorial itself, the temporary lights had been put there for extra lighting, so they were still part of the display as the traditional time of reverence approached.

Anyone who saw or heard anything is asked to contact Fife police on 0845 600 5702, or the Crimestoppers number on 0800 555 111 where they can remain anonymous.