Dismay at town clock is silent at New Year

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ANGRY Burntisland residents say that Fife Council’s refusal to put back their clock chimes will spoil their New Year.

Many people living in the town say that the chimes of the clock tower at the old Burgh Chambers are a major part of their Hogmanay festivities and not having them there to bring in the New Year will be a major disappointment.

At a meeting between the local authority and Burntisland councillors on Friday council officers said they could put back the mechanism which runs the clock chimes but only for operating the chimes between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

All or nothing

However, by general consensus, the three councillors who represent the town opted for an “all or nothing” policy and refused to have it put back until it was fully functional.

“We wanted there to be a proper resolution to the issue, and if it had been put back then the chances are it would stay like that, which is not what we want,” said Councillor Ron Edwards.

“There was one complaint about the noise and more than 1000 signatures on a petition wanting the chimes to remain through the night, and that is what needs to be sorted or else the clock in Dysart, the Town House and many other towns and villages could be affected.

“We have asked the council officers to go away and look at other possible solutions which would not affect the clock chimes - such as double glazing - and come back with a report on that.”

Upset & angry

Morag Douglas (41), a member of Burntisland Community Council who owns The Star on the High Street and lives near to the clock tower, said:

“We believe the work may already have been done to alter the chimes, and, if that is the case, then it is very disappointing as the matter has not been discussed with the local community.

“It means that there will be no chimes to bring in the New Year which everyone in the town is extremely upset and angry at.

‘‘We had really hoped that the chimes would be put back in time for the Bells.

“It means we are going to be stuck in 2010 for a while longer.”

The issue is due to be discussed again in January.