Dismay over faded Cupar parking sign

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A Motorist who was penalised for using a disabled parking bay in the Crossgate is hoping the fine he paid will be used to repaint the sign to make it clearer for other drivers.

Alan Ferguson from Balmullo was penalised last Saturday morning after using one of the parking bays opposite the Cupar library.

After spending around 20 minutes shopping with his wife, Mr Ferguson was shocked to discover a fixed penalty notice on his windscreen when he returned to his car.

He says he never noticed the word ‘disabled’ painted on the road otherwise he would never have used the space. Nevertheless, Mr Ferguson promptly paid the £30 charge but wrote to the Fife Herald to see if anything can be done to prevent a similar incident occurring again.

“It was with great dismay that I found the penalty notice when I returned as I had obviously been unaware of any parking restrictions applicable to the space,” Mr Ferguson explained.

“It was only then that I noticed any marking on the road but it’s very obscure and barely readable. I did think about disputing the charge but I suppose at the end of the day I did park in the wrong place so I decided to write out a cheque and pay up.

“Something should be done to make it a bit more apparent. Some of my relations are disabled so I am well aware of how frustrating it is when people take up these spaces when they shouldn’t.


“I would never have used it had I known it was only for disabled drivers.”

Fife Council have confirmed they are hoping to repaint the sign shortly and are asking members of the public to let them know about any other instances of poorly marked parking bays.

Sara Wilson, technician engineer at the council, said: “We have received no reports on the condition of the lining of the bays, however, we will refresh the parking bays in St Catherine Street and the Crossgate by this weekend, weather permitting.”

“Our budgets are committed on an area basis and this year the works to refresh the lining of bays are focused on St Andrews.

“We will refresh areas on an ad-hoc basis when we receive any reports from the police or the public. Individuals can make a claim to the council through any local office, if they feel they have been wrongly charged for parking illegally.”