Dispute over ‘public knowlege’ of homes

Morris Brown at the site where Tullis Russell  plan to build 200 homes at the water works
Morris Brown at the site where Tullis Russell plan to build 200 homes at the water works

A LOCAL councillor has warned those angry at plans to build up to 200 homes in Cadham that the proposals will more than likely get the go-ahead, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Councillor John Beare pointed out that the land at the Cadham Road water works was recently allocated for housing in the Local Plan, adding that the public were made aware of this well in advance of Tullis Russell wanting to build homes there, with public consultation beginning nearly five years ago.

He said: “There will be a presumption in favour, but there is issues like traffic to deal with. However it is allocated as a housing site.

“It came through the structure plan, to the best of my knowledge, during the local plan process which was only adopted a month or two ago. The structure plan would have gone through at least three periods of public consultation.

“Tullis Russell will have to go through various consultations with the local community and then put in an outline planning application.

“It’s very difficult to comment when I don’t know the individual aspects.

“All engineering aspects will have to be taken into account and traffic will have to be looked at.

“A solution would have to be found. And if they couldn’t find one, then the application wouldn’t go through.

“There is a number of options that are there. Whether the Tullis Russell roundabout is the better option, who knows? It’s one of the options they have to explore.”

The current Local Plan was implemented on 23 January this year. Those against anything in the document had a six-week period to present a challenge to the court of session about it.

Cadham resident Morris Brown leads those opposed to the TR housing plans, with increased traffic his main concern. He disagreed that the Local Plan was public knowledge, pointing out that even some councillors for the area weren’t aware that this land was to be allocated for housing.

He said: “You would need to be a planning anorak to know that it even had anything to do with your area.

“Even some local councillors didn’t know about it, so what chance has an everyday person like myself got. You have to be right on the ball, watching everything.

“Even the North Glenrothes Community Council didn’t know. Ron Page, their chair, didn’t know about it and he knows his stuff. And councillor Bill Kay wasn’t aware of it either. They both presumed the land was already designated for housing.

“So what long-term public consultation is John Beare talking about if even these guys didn’t know about it?

“I left him a message to ask him to come to the local community council meeting which discussed this but he was the only local councillor that didn’t come along.

“Fiona Grant was there as she was the first person to put up any proper information about it into the public domain.”