Diving into the city under the sea

The underwater city of Pavlopetri
The underwater city of Pavlopetri

Dawn Renton looks at the week’s TV highlights

(Saturday, BBC2, 8.05 p.m.)

In this fascinating programme, university boffins lead a team of expert archaeologists who use submersible robots and computer simulations to investigate the submerged city of Pavlopetri, which lies off the southern coast of the Greek mainland. Originally rediscovered in 1967, it is believed to be the oldest underwater city in the world. Hoping to discover what life was like for the citizens of Pavlopetri 3500 years ago.

Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath

(Saturday, BBC2, 5.35 p.m.)

The concluding part of the documentary focuses on the construction, design and enduring significance of the iconic stone circle and the ancient civilisation that flourished around it. With access to the ground-breaking research of a revolutionary project led by the University of Birmingham and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Vienna, the programme reveals new insights into Britain’s world-famous prehistoric monument. Which begs the question: What in God’s name is it?

The Mafia with Trevor McDonald

(Monday, STV, 9.00 p.m.)

The broadcaster explores one of the bloodiest periods in the American Mafia’s long history, as he sits down with former crime boss Ralph Natale. The ex-godfather spells out just how ruthless he had to be to control the men under him.

Back in Time for Dinner

(Tuesday, BBC2, 8.00 p.m.)

The Robshaws are transported to the 1970s and Giles Coren meets the two hippies whose adventures in health food boosted the popularity of houmous. Tasty!