Do people feel safer, or spied on by cameras?

A CCTV camera
A CCTV camera

Public opinion doesn’t seem to share the concerns expressed by Big Brother Watch if a ‘straw poll’ cxarried out by the ‘Gazette’ is anything to go by.

We asked people, via our Facebook page, whether people felt safer, or spied on by the presence of CCTV cameras.

A couple of posters opted for the latter option, but there was more support for the former.

One poster wrote: “Definitely safer - apparently the figures for vandalism and petty crime have been reduced significantly.”

Another added: “Set up as many as you want - I’m not ashamed of what I get up to.”

A third wondered what all the fuss was about, explaining:The figures include shop and car park systems. Only 101 cameras on ‘public spaces’. The rest are protecting propery, buildings, schools and the likes. We are a long way off being a big brother state.”

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