Do you know a green champion in Fife?

Christina Laing with sponsor David Stutchfield (former winner)Christina Laing with sponsor David Stutchfield (former winner)
Christina Laing with sponsor David Stutchfield (former winner)
The call has gone out to nominate Fife's green champions in Kingdom FM's 2018 Local Hero Awards.

The call has gone out to nominate them in Kingdom FM’s 2018 Local Hero Awards.

The Green Initiative is one of 13 categories in this year’s awards which are supported by the Fife Free Press Group.

And you could nominate the winners.

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The category aims to recognise and celebrate the often ground-breaking ideas launched by a range of businesses, community groups and schools across the Kingdom.

Fife has led the way in this sector, so there should be no shortage of candidates to make the shortlist of the 2018 Local Hero awards.

The category is sponsored by the University of St Andrews which has been one of the organisations at the forefront of being as green as possible.

Last year’s green initiative winner was Christina Laing for the work she did at Fife College.

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It included establishing a green salon at the Halbeath campus, identifying student ambassadors, tackling carbon reduction and being the sole voice promoting sustainability since the establishment of the merged college.

Darren Stenhouse, station manager, said: “Fife is going green!

“From harnessing renewable energy to making the most of recycling, so if you’re involved with a green initiative, or know someone who is, we’d love to hear from you.”

Nominations for all 13 categories are now open. There are categories for fundraising, our top school, the child, volunteer and carer of the year, as well as awards for our top sports stars and businesses.

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The Local Hero Awards are in their 11th year, and, during that time, have honoured many groups and individuals. Some 420 Fifers have been short listed and celebrated for their selfless work in our schools, workplaces, communities and homes – and the winners have come from across the Kingdom.

Nominate using the form in the Fife Free Press or online here.

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