Do you recognise the happy Fife couple?

The mystery coupleThe mystery couple
The mystery couple
Take a close look at these photographs. Do you recognise the happy couple pictured in them, or any of their guests?

Former Kirkcaldy man Bill Gourlay (78), who is now a social history film-maker in Dunfermline, is keen to trace them to present them with a video of their wedding, which, going by the fashions and the car registrations in the old film reels he has taken the stills from, was during the late 1960s.

The wedding was in the original St Peter’s Church in Kirkcaldy’s Townsend Place which was demolished and replaced with the current modern building during the 1970s.

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Bill came into possession of the film through his friend George Gibb, who lives in Kirkcaldy.

The couple and guests at St Peter's Church in KirkcaldyThe couple and guests at St Peter's Church in Kirkcaldy
The couple and guests at St Peter's Church in Kirkcaldy

He said: “George was friendly with the late Patrick Stewart who did quite a bit of filming over the years. Sadly Patrick died last year and George received some equipment and films from Patrick’s estate.

“Going through the films George discovered this 8mm film of this couple’s wedding, but with no indication or names of the people involved.

“George gave me the film to copy onto DVD and he has spoken to the present minister of St Peter’s Church, asking if she would put a notice up in the church asking for help to identify the couple involved.

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“She has agreed to do this, but if the families no longer attend or have moved on, we will be none the wiser unfortunately.

Bill GourlayBill Gourlay
Bill Gourlay

“It would be really nice to reunite them with this film of their wedding day, and hopefully they are still together.”

Bill runs Talisman Films, a company he set up in 1982, and it has made films covering the 40th anniversary of the Forth Road Bridge, the history of Dunfermline and Viewforth High School.

If anyone recognises the couple or knows someone who could put us in touch, call Tanya Scoon on (01592) 645709.