Do you take art with your coffee, sir?

Artist & Exhibition organiser Jimmy Iowa
Artist & Exhibition organiser Jimmy Iowa

A LITTLE bit of culture has come to Kirkcaldy in the form of our very own independent art exhibition.

Currently on show at Cuppa Coffee, it is the brainchild of local artist and Adam Smith art student Ross McLellan, also known as Jimmy Iowa.

And his exhibition launched at the start of the month after the 21-year-old floated the idea with Cuppa Coffee manager George Lewinski.

He said: “Myself and a friend would go to Cuppa and sit and draw and drink coffee for three to four hours, and we were never bothered, The service was always good.

“I noticed that they held events after hours and the idea for the exhibition actually came about while I was trying to organise a launch for a friend’s book I have illustrated.


‘‘George suggested organising something and it just went from there.”

His exhibiton launched earlier this month, and Ross is glad to report it as a success.

He said: “We had a good turn out and everyone who came said they had had a very nice evening.

“George was really taken aback, and was really impressed by the amount of work and the quality of it - we’re already talking about the future and further events.”

The artists taking part in the exhibition, which is expected finish in the first week of November, are all part of the ‘Fistful of Art’ group, set up by Ross to help create a local network.

He hopes that this event will help to raise interest in the group and art in Fife.

He said: “The exhibit has already led to more contacts from college lecturers and friends of people who are looking to get their work seen. Hopefully we can organise something for the future and make it bigger and better.”

All of the work on display at Cuppa Coffee is for sale, and contact details for the artists can be obtained at the premises on Kirkcaldy’s High Street.