Does anyone care about Glenrothes’ heritage?

Linda Ballingall, chairman of Glenrothes and Area Heritage Centre
Linda Ballingall, chairman of Glenrothes and Area Heritage Centre

The chairman of the town’s Heritage Centre has delivered a scathing attack on Glenrothes councillors for the lack of support in the venture.

The Gazette can reveal not a single councillor has visited the Centre, which is designed to preserve and promote the historic heritage of the new town, since it opened its doors on November 3.

The centre, which campaigners fought for over 25 years to make a reality and is run entirely by volunteers, has received just £5000 from Fife Council’s heritage and culture fund - most of which has already been paid back to the local authority in rates.

Linda Ballingall, chairman of the trustees, now fears that if Council support from is not forthcoming, there is a “distinct possibility” that the centre will be forced to close.

“All we’ve had from councillors is lip service. If they were really interested in the heritage of the Glenrothes area then we would have expected more support than we have actually seen. We are bitterly disappointed ,” said Linda.

“Considering the amount of newspaper coverage given to Fife Council actively working to improve Glenrothes and the town centre situation, I feel that the time has come for financial assistance to replace lip-service that is, if Fife Council really wishes to support our efforts.

“Councillors Kay Morrison and Ian Sloan attended a VIP launch evening prior , while Bill Brown, Altany Craik and Ross Vettraino have called to introduce themselves, but not a single Glenrothes councillor has taken the time to actually visit the centre and see what we have to offer,” she added.

Linda Ballingall wrote to Altany Craik, chairman of the area committee, over a month ago outlining concerns, but has yet to receive a reply.

There is now real concern that if support is not forthcoming, the centre will be forced to close its doors by June once cash reserves are exhausted.

Nearly 10,000 people flocked to the group’s previous temporary exhibitions,but they now fear a £1 admission charge is keeping people away.

“It’s frustrating to see Abbot House in Dunfermline awarded £9840 so they could ‘waive‘ entry fees and the museum in Kirkcaldy is awarded £10,000 just for entertainments for the two day launch.

“Yet again other towns reap the benefits of these funds while our own councillors can’t even take an interest in a heritage project right here in Glenrothes,” added Linda.