Doesn’t matter if we wear black or white

Rector James More
Rector James More

THE rector of Balwearie High has had to defend his decision to change the school’s uniform policy after 700 pupils signed a petition against it.

James More insists it is due to the school’s ‘ReadyFor Work’ initiative that only white shirts are to be worn instead of pupils being allowed to choose between the traditional black or white.

“We want to encourage pupils to ‘look smart, think smart’ and come to all lessons well prepared,” he said.

However, it’s understood many pupils think the rector is being too strict in banning black.

The Press has been told a petition has been signed by 700 pupils from the school, which has a role of around 1600, was handed into Mr More asking for the old uniform policy to be reinstated.

One parent of a pupil at the school, who asked not to be named, said she and many other parents support the pupils.

She said: “It’s not that the kids are refusing to wear a uniform they just want to be able to choose between a black or white shirt.

“Most of them prefer the black shirt because they think it’s much cooler and like the look of it with the red tie.

“Many parents also prefer it because black is a much easier colour to keep clean

“It just seems a pointless exercise. An awful lot of the kids are not going to work in an office environment where they would wear a shirt so it’s an awfully odd reason - and not everyone who works in an office wears a white shirt.

“He could have asked the kids to vote on options and gave them a sense of ownership but I understand he only spoke to parents on the parent council.”

The change was communicated by letter in April ,and defending the change, Mr More claimed that since the uniform code was “simplified” a “significant improvement” had been noticed.

He did however offer up some hope to the beleaguered pupils, adding: “We will be holding a full consultation on how we should move forward with the uniform, with pupils given every opportunity to contribute to the debate.”