Dog attacks little Skye (4)

Skye Auchterlonie and mum Natalie
Skye Auchterlonie and mum Natalie

A FOUR-year-old Kirkcaldy girl has been left scarred for life after she was attacked by a dog in a town park.

Skye Auchterlonie suffered bruising to her cheeks and a bad cut to her lip and chin after the collie cross unexpectedly snapped at her during a visit to Ravenscraig Park last Tuesday afternoon.

The youngster had been playing with her brother and a friend inside the children’s play area when they had asked the dog’s owner if they could pat the animal.

Skye’s mum Natalie (21), told the Press she had also asked the woman if it was okay for the children to stroke the dog and she reassured her it would be fine.

Natalie said: “The boys were clapping the dog and Skye was clapping it too. The boys then disappeared and she was left on her own with the dog.


“Suddenly it just went for her, catching her under the chin and her lip. I immediately ran over and just saw Skye’s face was covered in blood.

“I was trying to clean it up and the woman asked if she was okay. I remembered she said the dog had never done anything like this before.

But she just took the dog and went off in her car. I then phoned my husband to get him to come down and take us to the Vic.

“While we were at the hospital my mother-in-law went to the police station to report what happened.”

Natalie said that evening two officers came to her house to take a statement: “I asked if they would be able to trace the woman to see what could be done but they said the dog was not out of control as it was on a lead.

“I know a lot of people walk their dogs in the park, but they are not allowed in the children’s play area.


“I don’t want it to be put down, but I want police to speak to this woman to ask her to muzzle the dog when it is out because I don’t want this to happen to anyone else’s child.

“My daughter is going to be scarred for the rest of her life.”

Sergeant Scott Murray from Kirkcaldy Police Station said all parties had been spoken to.

He said: “We have carried out our enquiries into the incident and it has been determined there is nothing further to investigate.

“It is a bad set of circumstances, but there is no criminal negligence.”

He added that police could not ask a dog owner to muzzle their pet - that only a sheriff could give that order.