Dog attacks raise concerns

A GLENROTHES man is worried about the increase of dog attacks in the area, after he was attacked by a pitbull while walking his dog, reports KEVIN QUINN.

On Easter Monday (9 April) Alan Minto was walking his Alsatian, Tyler, down by the ‘White House’ on Napier Road, at about four o’clock in the afternoon.

There, they were approached by a 14 year-old girl with a pitbull.

Mr Minto recalled the incident: “I got the dog ready for a walk, went towards the big park and I saw the pitbull, it was a cross-breed. And, it was off the lead.

“When it came to the edge of the White House, just as we passed it, it just came at us and went for my dog- Tyler.

“Tyler ended up in the fence, I pulled him back and that is when the pitbull attacked me.

“Tyler had a rip on his ears and up by his eye, he also had a hole in his ear, it scared him a bit.

“I can’t close my fist, I might have to go for therapy as it’s nerve damage in my hand. I had to get 14 stitches.

“The police have got involved but they can’t charge her because of her age, just the boy that owns it.

“To be fair to the dog, I have met that dog before with its proper owner and it’s not a bad dog, it just should have been on the lead.

“It’s a big, powerful dog, a lot more powerful than my dog.”

Mr Minto said that he wont walk his dog in that area again and added that he has been off work since the incident, as he works with asbestos and therefore can’t use his hands.

Mr Minto is concerned about what he sees as a rise in dog attacks in and around Glenrothes.

He said: “I have heard of a few incidents at Collydean Park, I heard that a dog had it’s throat ripped out recently and people have been talking to me about other things like this.

“It’s getting ridiculous, you can’t even walk round the park with your dog without getting attacked.

“I have told the police but if people don’t report it they can’t do anything, it’s quite worrying.

“It’s definitely on the increase, it’s got to be stopped, they should be muzzled.

“I know pitbulls well, they are beautiful dogs, it’s the people that bring them up though.”

A police spokesman was quick to play-down talk of an increase in dog attacks in and around Glenrothes.

He said: “We are not aware of their being any increase of any dogs attacking people however we are investigating cases of wildlife crime involving a dog.”