Dog fouling fines up 55%

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A POSTER campaign has been barking up the right tree to help stamp out dog fouling in Fife.

As a result of the successful project, environmental and commercial services have been shortlisted for a top award.

The scheme, rolled out by the Fife Council team, has helped to increase the number of fixed penalty notices issued to owners who allow their dogs to foul.

Summer project

Elaine Devine, environmental and commercial team leader, told the Press there has been a 55 per cent rise in the number of fixed penalties handed out since the project was rolled out last summer.

The ‘Wanted’ poster and large banners urge people to anonymously offer information about offenders by giving as much detail as possible.

For example, telling Council dog wardens where the owners live, what they look like, when and where they are walking their dogs so they can be caught.

She said: “We have a lot of complaints about dog fouling but the problem we had is that the information given was insufficient. We need more details so we can target our resources more specifically. The information is also reported to us anonymously.

Poster hot spots

“The posters have been going up in hot spot areas including parks and streets where there have been problems with dog fouling.

“We also have large banners and they have been working extremely well.

“As a result we have been getting much better feedback and more people are being caught.”

Following the campaign’s success, she said the team has been selected as finalists for the Keep Scotland Beautiful best local environmental quality innovation award.