Dog fouling top bug bear in town survey

Dog fouling was the main concerns for the residents surveyed.
Dog fouling was the main concerns for the residents surveyed.

People in Buckhaven have named dog fouling as their main local concern, ahead of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Local environmental charity CLEAR carried out a door-to-door survey of 100 people in the town recently, asking people what their main concerns were in Buckhaven.

Dog fouling came out on top (33 per cent), followed by public spaces (26 per cent), litter (14 per cent) and traffic (13 per cent).

Anti-social behaviour and housing were also listed (seven per cent) while fly-tipping (three per cent) and vandalism (one per cent) also got a mention.

Peter Carr, CLEAR volunteer and pollster, said: “We have been getting lots of positive feedback about the greenspace improvements CLEAR has made to the area, but dog fouling is at the top of our poll of one hundred residents.

“Concerns regarding the state of public spaces, litter and traffic and transport issues also figured prominently,” he said.

The survey also asked respondents for their comments or suggestions on how to tackle the issues raised, with one resident suggesting dog owners who let their animals foul in the street should be ‘named and shamed’.

Peter added: “Campaigning seems to be the best way to influence the minority of dog owners and the call to clean up after themselves is being shouted from the doorsteps.”

For more on the work being carried out by CLEAR, search for them on Facebook or drop into the office at 36 College Street, Buckhaven.