Dog owner cries ‘foul’ over Gilvenbank mess

Children bulb planting at Gilvenbank park
Children bulb planting at Gilvenbank park

A GLENROTHES woman has slammed dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets in a town park, reports MIKE DELANEY.

She said there had been an ongoing problem with fouling at Gilvenbank, but she was outraged when she found, last week, that the children’s play area had also been hit.

She added: “I am a responsible dog owner, and I don’t think anyone who lives in this house has a coat or jacket that doesn’t have dog poo bags in a pocket.

“While out with my dog this morning I was disgusted to see dog dirt in the children’s play area.

“This is not the first time it has been on the path.

“If you walk on the open fields, you have to watch where you are putting your feet as there are piles of it everywhere.

“You throw a toy for your dog and you have a high risk of it landing in a pile.

“Children play football and other sports on this grass.

“In the summer, all sorts of activities take place, including picnics.

“Have these dogs been wormed?

“Have some dog owners, no respect for other people’s health or that of their own?

“How would they like to go and pick up their dog’s toy and find it covered in poo?

Gilvenbank - once known as the ‘white elephant’ of Glenrothes parks, because it was created at great expense, but rarely used - has been developed, with agreat deal of effort, by North Glenrothes Community in recent years.

Late last year, the council unveiled its long-awaited open air gym there.

Chairman Ron Page said: “Dog pooh must be on the agenda of every community council in the land - it was on the agenda for our meeting last week.

“We do know of the situation in Gilvenbank, and we have contacted Fife Council more than once to ask for more dog bins.

“But it’s not members of NGCC who go around cleaning up the fouled park - it’s the owners who have responsibility for disposing of such litter.

“We would hope one, or two police cases could highlight the responsibility of dog owners.”

Council technical officer, Graeme Anderson, commented: “We are aware of particular problems at Gilvenbank Park and are regularly patrolling the area.

“We’ve also got back up from Fife Constabulary and there is CCTV coverage.

“All dog owners should be cleaning up after their pets and not to do so can result in a fine.

“We’ve issued three fixed penalty notices in the Gilvenbank area recently and we will continue to take action against people who persist in failing to clean up after their dogs.

“It is particularly irresponsible given that this is a children’s play area.

“Local people can help us combat this by reporting any incidents to our team on 08451 55 00 22.”