Don’t dump your pets!

Second Chance Kennels, Thornton;'FRANK & ENA CONYON with Fraser the American (spaniel)?'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
Second Chance Kennels, Thornton;'FRANK & ENA CONYON with Fraser the American (spaniel)?'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

THE number of dogs being abandoned in Fife is increasing - with the blame being put on tightened purse strings, and irresponsible owners.

Dog wardens in the Kingdom picked up almost two dogs every single day in Fife in the past year - one of the highest numbers in Scotland. And now wardens and kennels are urging owners to seek advice before abandoning their pets at the side of roads or, as was the case recently, tied to a tree in the middle of woods.

Graeme Anderson, dog warden for Fife Council, told the Press the 596 dogs picked up in the last year are only those who went through the Council.

There could be dozens more accounted for by the SSPCA if they were injured.He said: “Due to the way the recession has kicked in, particularly in Fife, we get people dumping dogs which need the attention of a vet - that is the biggest problem we face.

Vet fees

‘‘Some people do abandon their dogs because they can’t be bothered any more, but a lot do it because they can’t afford the treatment.”

Mr Anderson urged owners to seek advice from charities like The Dogs Trust before dumping their pooches.

This sentiment was echoed by Second Chance Kennels owner Frank Conyon, who believes many owners give up on their dogs too easily.

He told the Press: “We have been asked to take in more dogs than normal over the past year or so.

‘‘We are definitely seeing more Staffordshire bull terriers - it’s a shame because they are lovely dogs, but every kennel you go to there will be Staffies there.

‘‘People keep on breeding and breeding them and giving them to the wrong people to look after.

“Apart from vets bills, I do feel that financial circumstances are an excuse.

Giving up

‘‘ There are always avenues people can go down for help and they give up on their pets too easily nowadays.

‘‘They don’t think about the responsibility when they first get them.

‘‘We have started to see more people coming in with their dogs because they have children, and they haven’t given the dog a chance to get used to the child.

“I do think one of the only options is blanketed spaying and neutering, which will halt irresponsible breeders.”