‘Don’t fall for Lottery scam’ plea to Fifers

Robert Johnstone with the scam letter
Robert Johnstone with the scam letter

A Buckhaven man has issued a warning to other local residents after he received a scam letter telling him he had won £900,000.

Robert Johnstone (62) received the letter last week, but said he knew it was a scam straight away.

The letter, addressed directly to him, was supposedly from the Euromillions International Postcode Lottery, and told him he had won just under £1m.

But to claim his prize, he was asked to fill in all of his bank details, including the vital account number and sort code.

Mr Johnstone said: “It said my name had been drawn and I had won £900,000 – but I’ve never played the Euromillions in my life, so I knew it was a scam.

“It looks very official – it says it is based in Belgium, but there is an address at the top for Holburn in London.

“If it had had my wife’s name on it we might have fallen for it, because she has played Euromillions before.”

Now Mr Johnstone is keen to warn others to be on the lookout for similar scams.

“I want to let them know that this scam is on the go – you read about older people losing thousands to these things, so I want to warn them.”

Geoff Bates, service manager, Fife Council Protective Services, said: “An essential part of stopping fraudsters preying on vulnerable people is to make sure these incidents are reported to Action Fraud.

“Whether you’ve lost money or not, we want to know what’s happened.

‘‘All information is good information when it comes to tracking down those responsible for the network of scams that continue to plague people, particularly the elderly, daily.”

To report a fraud, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or www.actionfraud.police.uk