Don’t let beach be neglected

Damage done by vehicles at Seafield Beach
Damage done by vehicles at Seafield Beach

A KIRKCALDY environmental group has called for action to clean up a town beauty spot.

Diane Greig, who is a member of Seafield Environmental Group, has raised a number of concerns about Seafield beach as well as the nearby picnic area and coastal path.

picnic table vandalised at Seafield Beach

picnic table vandalised at Seafield Beach

She said the group feels the popular area is being neglected and more should be done to tidy it up.

Diane said: “There are a number of issues we have including the misuse and vandalism of the area’s amenities - particularly one of the picnic tables which was vandalised last week and hasn’t been fixed.

“There is also a lack of proper parking which has led to considerable damage to the ground and potholes emerging in the grassed area above the beach.

“Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed has also been allowed to grow.

“It has been cut back occasionally by the Council but it quickly grows over again.


“There is a lack of proper access to Seafield beach - there is no proper path and it can be quite steep to get down to it.”

Diane said the group feels there isn’t enough practical support from people in the town to help clean up Seafield beach.

“There is a small group of people who take part in the clean up twice a year but we need to get more people involved if we want to do it on a more regular basis,” she said.

“There is a lot of litter left lying on the beach including tiles, plastic bottles and beer cans. The beach is very popular with dog walkers and it is well used, but at times it looks very neglected.”

She added: ”The area is due for regeneration in the near future and it seems this is the right time to raise these issues. The beach is a well used asset in the town and it’s time something was done so it isn’t overlooked.”


Robbie Blyth, Fife Council beach and coastal officer, said: “The giant hogweed was treated this week, the two picnic benches that were vandalised last week have been removed and if funding is available they will be replaced.

“The access to the beach has suffered from sea and foot fall erosion and we are currently looking at ways of improving a more sustainable form of access.”

He added: “Cars regularly drive off the designated car parking area causing rutting and proposals are being drawn up to look at the possibility of fencing of the grass area to prevent vehicle access.”