Don’t let dogs foul on St Andrews football pitch

Dog owners are being urged to act responsibly and clean up after their pets.
Dog owners are being urged to act responsibly and clean up after their pets.

Volunteers are having to clean up after irresponsible dog owners before children can play on a St Andrews football pitch.

Problems at the Tom Morris Drive football pitch have been highlighted by Greig Dochard, chairman of St Andrews Colts Football Club, who says children and others using the area regularly have to dodge dog dirt.

Greig said: “While we fully appreciate that this is a public area and therefore suitable for everyone to utilise on a daily basis, it is extremely disappointing that people continue to allow their pets to foul the


“I would just like to bring this to the attention of everyone in the community. This area is used throughout the week, as well as weekends, for children to enjoy their sport.

“In all honesty age is irrelevant. However, we have children as young as five playing on the park and it can often be the case that we can’t commence until some areas are cleared – I am sure you can imagine that this is not a pleasant job for our volunteers.”

He thanked dog walkers who cleaned up after their pets, and urged those who decided not to bother to think about their neighbours’ and friends’ young families who want to make use of the area.

“I am sure the majority see all these boys and girls playing on an evening and appreciate how great it is to see them all enjoying themselves,” said Greig. “Let’s let them enjoy themselves without fear of stepping in the wrong place.

“We teach our youngsters to take responsibility in primary school, maybe it is time for us to set an example.”

Members of the public can help by reporting any instances of dog fouling to Fife Council on 03451 55 00 22. Those caught not clearing up after their dog face a £40 fine.