Don’t let Kirkcaldy pond become an eyesore

Euan Fraser next to the pond. Pic: George McLuskie
Euan Fraser next to the pond. Pic: George McLuskie

A water feature at the edge of a Kirkcaldy housing estate is turning into a foul-smelling eyesore because it is not being looked after, it has been claimed.

And residents on the Raith Estate say the pond, which collects rainwater and drains into a culvert running into the nearby Raith Lake, will eventually weed over and become a stagnant puddle if maintenance work is not carried out on it.

Euan Fraser, chairman of the Raith Home-Owners Association, says the pond on the edge of the busy Oriel Road entrance to the town, has been steadily deteriorating since a local resident who took it upon himself to keep it clear, passed away.

“It has become choked with vegetation and I think it will just gradually silt up like the Mill Dam did, which would be a great shame as it is a really nice feature and lots of people walk this way when taking their dogs out or going out for a stroll around the estate.”

Mr Fraser said he had initially contacted Fife Council and parks staff had come out to cut back the grass by the public footpath, but they would not go into the pond as it belongs to the Raith Estate.

“I wrote to Mr Munro-Ferguson, the owner, at the beginning of August to let him know of the residents’ concerns and I got a letter back basically saying that it was his pond and was nothing to do with the residents, which we didn’t think was a very neighbourly attitude to take.”

Ruth MacKay, whose late husband Alastair was the man who used to look after the feature, told the Press: “There’s a tremendous apathy and it distresses me that places of beauty like this are allowed to get in such a state.

“After he retired, Alastair used to rake it out and clean it every few weeks so that the water could flow. He did it because he liked looking after the environment.

“It was Mr Munro-Ferguson’s pond when my husband cleaned it and, although he didn’t expect any recognition, he must have noticed that it was being kept clean.”

Bill McMillan (70), who also lives nearby said: “Mr Munro-Ferguson has been quite happy to let others do his work for him all these years and he has reaped the rewards for selling the land for housing. He should be willing to put some money back into it now. I have lived here for 30 years and it’s a shame to see it like this.”