Don’t use phone in the car

Warning from former Insp Jenks
Warning from former Insp Jenks

Levenmouth’s departing top police officer believes the use of mobile phones behind the wheel could become as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.

Retired inspector Donald Jenks was delivering his final report last week to Fife Council’s Levenmouth area committee, in which local councillors again raised concerns about the number of people driving around the area and using mobile phones.

It’s been illegal to use a mobile phone while driving since December 2003, with increasing publicity given over the years to the risks and occasional accidents – some fatal – where people have been making or receiving calls, looking at pictures or texting while driving.

Last Wednesday’s meeting in Methil heard the issue was virtually a daily occurrence but “relatively easy” to catch in local towns.

Mr Jenks said he thought a shift in attitude towards mobile phone use while driving was on its way and it may eventually be regarded the same way as drinking and driving.

“Drink-driving is now totally socially unacceptable,” he said.

“When I joined the police 30 years ago, if you were caught, it was a case of ‘hard luck’.

“I think the attitude towards mobile phones is gradually changing,” he added.