Dream to come true for Ritchie’s family

GLENROTHES;'Carol Buchan, Moira and Ritchie Horrocks and Pauline To'photo; WALTER NEILSON
GLENROTHES;'Carol Buchan, Moira and Ritchie Horrocks and Pauline To'photo; WALTER NEILSON

A craigrothie family’s dream of being able to extend their house to meet the needs of their disabled young son is set to become true thanks to a generous Fife businesswoman.

In August, Moria and David Horrocks launched an appeal for donations to help them extend their home to allow their three-year-old son Ritchie to live a more independent life.

Their house needs several adaptations for Ritchie who has a rare form of achondroplasia, or short-limbed dwarfism, but Fife Council were unable to help.

However, after reading about the family’s plight, businesswoman Pauline To decided to step in and help the family in any way she could.

Pauline, who runs her own Fife-wide letting agency, already sponsors a young boy from Kennoway who has cerebral palsy and requires an operation to help him walk.


When she heard about Ritchie, she got in touch with Moira’s sister-in-law Carol Buchan who has been leading fund-raising efforts.

“Ritchie is a gorgeous little boy and his family are amazing and it is unfortunate that the council are not in a position to help them,” said Pauline.

“I couldn’t sit by and not do anything to help when being in this business I have a good network of contacts.”

Pauline, a mother to five children, said she met the family to find out more about the house extension plans, then set about contacting various people including architect Stewart Davidson of Davidson Baxter Partnership Ltd in Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes housebuilder Andrew Neilson of Harvest Homes.

“I just told them about the project and straight away they said they would offer their help for free.

“They have both agreed to help, and I am hopeful other tradespeople will also offer their services or give us materials at discounted cost.

“I want to be able to get everything done as quickly as possible so the Ritchie and his two sisters Emily and Lily can have the space they need.

“We are all ready to get stuck in there, cleaning, painting — doing anything that needs done to help make the family’s dream come true.”

Pauline has also pledged to give Ritchie £50 each month for the rest of his life.

“This is not about me – this is about giving a family the help and support they deserve,” she said.

“There are a lot of people out there with skills and I would hope they could get in touch.”

Describing Pauline as a “god-send”, Moira said she was delighted by how generous and supportive she has been.

“This isn’t about publicity for Pauline – she genuinely wants to help and she has enormous enthusiams and energy,” said Moira.

“We are delighted that she has got involved as it may have taken us some time to raise the money we needed for the work.”

Moira explained they want to extend Ritchie’s bedroom and create an adjacent wet room, as well as removing a wall in their kitchen to make the room more accessible for him moving around in his powered wheelchair.

She also hopes to create a low gradient ramp to the front door to allow for the family car to allow Ritchie access to the family car.


“We are so grateful to Pauline for her help.

“Things are moving forward quickly and I have already met with the architects.

“It is all very exciting and will make a massive difference to Ritchie’s quality of life.”

Moira said she was extremely grateful to everyone who supported her fund-raising event in Ladybank and to Ceres cub pack for their donation.

She also intends to hold a coffee morning in Cupar soon to boost Ritchie’s fund.

Any tradespeople who would like to help are asked to contact Pauline To, tel. 01592 732333, email pauline@toletting.co.uk or contact Moira, tel. 01334 828353.

To donate to Ritchie’s fund online visit the PayPal website and key in ritchiehorrocjksfund@hotmail.co.uk