Driven round the bend by parking issue

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A Cupar pensioner has hit out at inconsiderate motorists who she says are driving her round the bend with their ‘thoughtless’ parking.

Norma Barr (68), who lives in Bank Street, contacted the Fife Herald after a driver partially blocked her driveway.

She said that she and her husband Norrie (65) had difficulty getting in and out of their home on a daily basis because of visitors to Adamson Hospital parking in the street and causing congestion.

And she said that one driver recently parked on the pavement, causing a young mum with a pram to walk on the busy road, while another even failed to apply the handbrake, resulting in the car careering down the hill into a wall.

“It’s a busy road at the best of times,” she said.

“A lot of agricultural vehicles use the road and buses are going up and down all the time, so the road is always congested.

“It’s a constant daily battle because there aren’t enough parking spaces at the hospital.

“It is worse at certain times of the day, according to the clinics that are running.

“We wouldn’t want double yellow lines there, just some sort of parking restrictions during the daytime so we can get in and out of our house safely.”

Colin Stirling, Fife Council’s traffic management lead professional, said: “We are aware that there’s a large demand for parking in the area around Adamson Hospital.

“We will monitor the area for a time to see if there are any specific infringements or road safety concerns and decide if we need to take any action.

“In the meantime if any resident has concerns regarding vehicular access to private property they can apply to us to have keep clear markings painted.”

Jim Leiper, director of estates, facilities and capital services with NHS Fife, said there were 139 spaces at Adamson Hospital, in line with the conditions attached to planning permission.

“NHS Fife is responsible for parking within the hospital and we do ask and expect our staff to park considerately if parking in streets adjacent to the hospital,” he said.

“However, we do sympathise with residents who live next to healthcare premises who may be inconvenienced by inconsiderate drivers who cause obstruction when they park.”