Driver appeals to find mystery Samaritan who saved family from A92 blaze

The Fire Service in attendance at the fire on the A92. (Picture: Traffic Scotland)
The Fire Service in attendance at the fire on the A92. (Picture: Traffic Scotland)

A driver whose car went up in a blaze on the A92 on has made an appeal to find the good Samaritan who saved his family.

And he reckons it was only the quick actions of another driver – who flashed his lights for him to stop and then came running over to tell him to get out the car – that saved their lives.

The main Kirkcaldy to Glenrothes road was closed while the Fire Service tackled the fire.

James (50) told how the drama unfolded.

He and wife Frances (44) and children Eilidh (10) and Ethan (7) were travelling from their home in Edinburgh to visit family in Markinch when he spotted a small amount of smoke coming from the engine.

However, with no layby nearby, the temperature guage showing normal and only a mile to go, James decided to keep going.

But then the driver in the car behind began flashing his lights and, when James, stopped rushed over to say the car was on fire.

The family quickly scrambled from the car and just a minute later the fuel tank burst, sending flames across the road, and the car was an inferno.

The mystery driver then gave the family shelter in his car until the emergency services arrived.

Speaking yesterday, James was still in shock at what might have happened without the good Samaritan.

At the time he was only able to shake the man’s hand but now James would love the opportunity to thank him properly in person.

If you’re the mystery driver, or you know who came to the family’s rescue, get in touch with