Driver caught doing twice the limit near Fife primary school

The driver was caught speeding on Tuesday (stock picture)
The driver was caught speeding on Tuesday (stock picture)

A driver has been caught driving at more than twice the speed limit near to a primary school.

Speed checks were carried out on the A91 in Gateside, Fife by the East Safety Camera Unit yesterday (Tuesday).

These are being carried out in the first few days of the schools being back after summer holidays.

While most drivers complied with the 30mph speed limit near the primary school at the west end of the village, one driver was detected driving at 62mph and will be the subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal.

Andy Jones, Safety Camera Unit manager, said: “How anyone thinks that travelling over twice the speed limit is acceptable beggars belief.

“Compound this with the proximity to the primary school and this could so easily have resulted in tragedy.

“We will be continuing our checks and any driver found exceeding the speed limits will be dealt with robustly.”