Driver caught on camera doing 141mph on A92

A driver was clocked at 141mph by a camera van.
A driver was clocked at 141mph by a camera van.

A DRIVER is facing prosecution after being caught driving at 141mph - more than double the speed limit on the dual carriageway he was speeding along.

Safety camera bosses today blasted the driver of the red Volkswagen Golf, which was spotted by a camera van around 9.10am on Sunday on the A92 eastbound near Cowdenbeath, Fife.

In a one-hour period on Sunday morning other drivers were detected hitting 95mph, 98mph and 109mph on the dual carriageway, which has a 70mph limit.

Four years ago a trucker died on that section of the road after being struck by a car as he stood in a layby.

East Safety Camera Unit manager Andy Jones said: “This is totally unacceptable and reckless conduct – there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring the speed limit with such blatant disregard for themselves and anyone else in the area at the time.

“The faster you drive, the less time you have to react and the harder the impact is.

“In the event of a collision, motorists who speed are more likely to cause death or serious injury not only to themselves, but to their passengers, other motorists or road users.

“Had any of these drivers been involved in a collision at these speeds there is absolutely no doubt the outcome would have been catastrophic.”

“It is unacceptable that the motorist caught at 141mph on the A92 near Cowdenbeath thought their driving was either safe or in any way appropriate.

“They will be hearing from us very soon and they will be dealt with robustly, as will the other three drivers.

“We regularly carry out speed enforcement at a number of locations on the A92 and this reinforces the flexibility and value of mobile safety camera units.”

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