Drivers continue to ignore speed issue in Leslie

Entrance to Leslie
Entrance to Leslie
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The problems of motorists driving too fast in Leslie is continuing to pose risks for residents, despite reductions in the speed limit.

That’s the claim of one of the councillors who serves the town.

Councillor John Wincott said that a number of motorists are still ignoring the speed limits in the town are “disappointing to say the least”.

Glenrothes Area Committee agreed in February to reduce the mandatory speed limit on a notorious stretch of the A911 on the outskirts of Leslie from 40mph to 30mph to help ease the problem.

“My work with the local Community Speed Watch Team has shown me that there are some drivers that think that the speed limits just don’t apply to them,” Mr Wincott explained.

“We have caught a number of motorists travelling at over 30mph in one of the 20mph zones in the town.

“And this is often in the time period from 8.00 a.m .until 9.00 a.m. when children are walking to school.

The problem with speeding motorists has resulted in Fife Safety Camera Partnership using their camera vehicles in the town, and last week a number of motorists were caught speeding.

Most of these will be issued with fixed penalty notices and three points on their licence.

However, the motorists caught travelling at more than 30mph in a 20mph zone are likely to be reported to the Procurator Fiscal for further action.

There is also concern over the amount of repeat offenders driving in the town.

“Some of the speeds that have been noted in the town have been very dangerous,”
 explained Mr Wincott.

“On one occasion a vehicle was spotted travelling at over 40mph in a 20mph zone.

“Also, some motorists have been caught speeding more than once in the same area.

“We are just asking motorists to drive within the speed limits, drive safely, and with courtesy for other road users.”

There have been widespread concerns throughout the Leslie community in the wake of several high profile serious incidents in the town in the last two years, most notably the death of Stephen McCann in January 2012.

Last year, the pedestrian crossing on High Street adjacent to Murray Place, was raised at a cost of £10,000 in order to slow oncoming traffic after a woman was knocked down using the crossing.

Leslie Community Council chairman Jan Wincott said the issue of continued speeding by motorists entering the town form the west still speeding as they approach the pedestrian crossing was brought to the attention of the council by concerned residents.

“This is made difficult for people pulling out of Ramsay Court or Gardens because motorists were not beginning to slow down until they reached the 30mph sign,” she said.

Community councillors support for ‘speedwatch’

Leslie Community Council chairman, Jan Wincott, praised the work of the speedwatch team for highlighting the issues

She added: “This gives motorists a chance to realise that speeding is an issue and that it won’t be tolerated, without being prosecuted.

“Unfortunately, a number of drivers have still not slowed down, so now it is a police enforcement issue and speeding motorists will now be given fixed penalty notices and have points on their licences.”