Drop in drink drive figures in Fife

Fewer Fifers were found to be over the drink drive limit
Fewer Fifers were found to be over the drink drive limit

Eight drivers in Fife were found to be over the new limit during the festive period.

In the Kirkcaldy area, one motorist - out of more than 200 to be breathalysed - was over the reduced 50mg limit between December 5 and January 5.

The local figures, from Police Scotland Kirkcaldy, come as national data revealed 255 drivers were found to be under the influence of drink or drugs.

That’s down from 348 in the same period last year - a 27 per cent drop.

Some 13,346 motorists were stopped and breathalysed in three weeks under the new lower drink drive limit which came into force on December 5.

The new limit brings Scotland into line with much of Europe.

Inspector Alan Seath said the initial figures were encouraging. He said: “There is no doubt that the recent change to the drink drive limits has had an effect on those who may have considered having a drink and getting behind the wheel.

“Only one driver in the Kirkcaldy area was found to be over the new legal limit with over 200 stopped and breathalysed which is encouraging to say the least.

“It is a huge step forward in keeping people safe on our roads.”