Drove at a caravan while children slept inside

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A MAN drove a van at a caravan containing four sleeping children following a row with his partner, a court has heard.

Ewen Stewart (36) ‘more than once’ drove at speed towards the caravan before stopping at the last minute, putting the youngsters - aged four, six, seven and nine - in danger.

He was told by a sheriff that he had used the vehicle as ‘a weapon’ and he could expect to go to jail if he offended again before he was sentenced in three months’ time.

Stewart, of 37 Wheatley Street, Methil, was living at Tarvit Mill caravan site near Cupar at the time of the incident.

Depute fiscal Joanne Smith told Cupar Sheriff Court that at about 10pm, following an argument, his partner fled to a wash house not far from their caravan while the children remained inside sleeping.

The accused followed her out, then got into his white Ford Transit, started the engine and wheel-spun out of his plot.

He drove at speed towards his own caravan, then stopped at the last minute. He did this more than once, said Ms Smith, before colliding with an empty gas canister.

Defence agent Jaclyn Meisel said that Stewart was ‘genuinely sorry and remorseful’ for his actions and fully appreciated the danger he posed to the children and others on the site.

“The potential for an accident was particularly high”, said Ms Meisel.

She added that Stewart was no longer with the woman with whom he’d had the argument.

Sheriff Grant Hutchison deferred sentence until January 17 for good behaviour, telling Stewart that what he’d done was ‘very serious’.