Drunken antics cost us £1000!

The boarded up window at Rouge in Hunter Street
The boarded up window at Rouge in Hunter Street

a FURIOUS Kirkcaldy town centre retailer has hit out after a drunken female fell through her shop window at the weekend.

Tania Korad, who owns Rouge, the woman’s boutique in Hunter Street, claims she will be left more than £1000 out of pocket for the costly accident – despite being insured.

“By the time I take into account the excess on my insurance, the lost takings for having to keep the shop shut while the window is replaced, the lost stock which was damaged by broken glass and a new carpet which was also ruined by the blood stains, it is going to cost me a fortune, not to mention the huge rise it will mean on my insurance premium,” she said.

Tania (37), said she and her partner Stuart Gilmour were woken during the early hours of Sunday morning by the police informing them that their shop window had been smashed by a drunken female falling head first through it.

“Stuart had to get dressed and go down to the shop and wait until a joiner could come out and board up the window, which wasn’t easy on a Sunday morning,” explained Tania.


“The police told us that because it was an accident they can’t charge the woman responsible, and we have been left to foot the bill!

“I wouldn’t be quite so angry if she had got in touch and apologised and even offered to make a contribution to the cost, but I have heard nothing.

‘‘People just have no social responsibility any more.

“If that had been a member of my family they would have been round the next day with an apology.


“Times are difficult enough for retailers in the current economic climate without having to fork out all this extra money just before Christmas, not to mention the inconvenience.

“I hope if she reads this it will maybe spark her conscience and she will maybe come round and speak to me, but I am not holding my breath.”

Fife Police confirmed that a 21-year-old female had fallen through a shop window in Hunter Street around 2.20 a.m.

“It would appear to have been accidental,” added the spokesman.