Dunfermline Athletic ‘only due £44,000 to HMRC’

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Dunfermline Athletic Football Club has issued a statement in relation to Rangers entering into financial administration.

The club has played down the knock-on affect to DAFC.

A statement said: “All of the Board of DAFC would like to express their concern and shock that a giant football club such as Rangers FC has gone into administration. The impact of this will be felt throughout Scotland, the UK and Europe and the Board and club would wish to convey their support to Rangers FC and hope that the club can find a way through this terrible time.

“However, the direct impact to DAFC is not insignificant: Rangers FC are due DAFC in the region of £80,000 of gate receipts from Saturday’s fixture which is obviously of extreme concern. This payment is no longer expected to be received by next Tuesday which would have been due to the club. This is a significant amount of money for a club such as DAFC to lose especially after losing £50,000 due to our game against Kilmarnock being postponed and will create some challenges for us over the coming months, these challenges are not insurmountable.”

The Dunfermline club said it had already put in place a number of initiatives to raise additional capital to ensure that the club balances its books and has an ongoing programme to reduce costs.

The spokesman stated: “To date that programme has already made a meaningful saving for the club by reducing staff, policing, stewarding, fuel and telephony costs and we have made a small trading profit up to the end of January. As at today’s date [16 February] DAFC are only due £44,000 to HMRC. The club also continues to seek to increase commercial income and this is where DAFC fans are key to help achieve this.”