Dunfermline Athletic ‘part pays’ club players and staff

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club has been unable to fully pay the salaries of its players and club staff.

Following on from Rangers FC going into administration, money owed to the Dunfermline club of over £80,000 has adversely affected its cash flow.

A statement issued by Dunfermline Athletic said that due to the continuing delay by the Administrators at Rangers in paying the ticket revenue from the game held at East End Park on 11 February 2012, it has been necessary to part pay the Dunfermline club’s February salaries to all staff including management and players.

Bill Hodgins, Chief Executive, issued a statement on 1 March which said: “By Monday all staff will have received 80% of their salary and we will be in a position to pay the remaining balance within ten days.

“Our staff are aware that this situation is out with the club’s control and they have been extremely understanding and supportive. In the meantime the Scottish Premier League are in constant dialogue with the Administrator at Rangers in order to try and secure payment of our ticket income of £84,000 that was due on 21 February 2012.”