Dunnikier gridlock

0312013 SSFF dunnikier junction 'junction at Dunnikier looking east - where new super roundabout is going - Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy
0312013 SSFF dunnikier junction 'junction at Dunnikier looking east - where new super roundabout is going - Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy
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roadworks at the entrance to Kirkcaldy’s Dunnikier estate on Monday left residents seeing red.

Drivers reported waiting up to 15 minutes to get out after the main entrance at Rosemount Avenue leading to Barassie Drive was closed to traffic on Sunday.

And, with only the one entrance and exit left, via Turnberry Drive and the crematorium, the gridlock left motorists fuming.

Visitors to the crematorium on Monday also faced traffic jams, with tailbacks blocking the entrance and exit.

The works are part of the preparation by utility companies to build a new roundabout at the top of Hendry Road and reconfigure the road for the new extended Victoria Hospital.

“It was total chaos – pure pandemonium,” said Ken Miller, secretary of Kirkcaldy North Community Council, who was inundated with calls from irate residents.

No notice

“I am extremely angry. We were given no notification of the closure of the main entrance by Fife Council or the contractor responsible for carrying out the works.

‘‘Had they let us know we could have put something on the Community Council website to let people know what to expect – or they could have put up a big noticeboard to inform people.

“The contractor has been laying pipes across the road for some time and they closed off the entrance at the weekend, but most people seemed to think it was going to be open again for Monday morning, which it wasn’t.

“To add insult to injury, there appeared to be no traffic management in place whatsoever to allow people to get in and out from the busy Dunnikier Way.”

Stuart Ritchie (34), an engineering manager who lives in Braehead Road, said he woke up on Monday morning to find the main entrance to the estate blocked off.

“We were given no notification that this was going to happen at all, and it caused complete chaos at peak times.

‘‘We have been under the cosh for weeks up here with large holes in the road and poor discussion with residents by whoever is controlling the projects.’’

Another woman, who did not wish to be named, added: “It was horrendous.

‘‘I sat for ages trying to get into the estate about 4.00 p.m. on Monday.

‘‘Traffic was queued back right along from the ambulance station to the entrance to the estate - I couldn’t see an end of it.

“I don’t think putting a roundabout in here is going to solve any problems as traffic waiting to turn right will still have to sit to wait to turn right.”