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'Salt' - DVD review 12-07-12
'Salt' - DVD review 12-07-12


Recommended by Fiona Purnell

ANGELINA Jolie is leading lady in this film, Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer.

A russian spy hands himself into the CIA and claims that the Russian president will be assassinated during his vist to the United States.

He names the assassin as Evelyn Salt.

His accusation tests Salt’s loyalty and she goes on the run, using her skills and experience as a covert operative, but her efforts to prove her innocence only cast more doubt on her motives.

This action thriller is reminiscent of the Jason Bourne films, featuring Matt Damon.

The lead role of Salt was originally intended for Tom Cruise before changes were made and Salt became the perfect character for Jolie.

Don’t start watching this film thinking it’s going to be serious, it’s not.

There are some quite unbelievable twists and turns amid the relentless action and you’re best to take a break from reality for the duration of the film.

Full of intrigue, betrayal and combat, although the plot at times is ridiculously unbelievable, this is a great action thriller which is certainly entertaining and definitely worth the watch.