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This Means War

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Rachel McCallion

IT’S normal for best friends to share clothes, favourite bands, maybe even a holiday - but a girlfriend?

I don’t think so.

This is the case however, in Hollywood comedy ‘This Means War’, an action romcom starring veteran actress Reese Witherspoon alongside Brit Tom Hardy and Star Trek actor Chris Pine.

The movie shows the strain on the relationship as two friends (Hardy and Pine), who also happen to be top class secret agents, fall for the same girl (Witherspoon) but continue to see her even when they find out what has been going on.

Big belly laughs ensue as the men attempt to sabotage each other’s dates leaving no stone unturned when it comes to using state of the art government equipment.

‘This Means War’ is a funny movie with a clever script, colourful plot and I’ll be honest - the two male leads don’t do the film any harm.

If you’re looking for an entertaining night in, this is a great film to watch.