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Kevin Quinn

This coming of age drama is set in Glasgow during the seventies, when gang culture was at its height.

Director Peter Mullan wrote this gritty piece based, in part, on aspects of his own up-bringing.

Although this is a great Scottish movie telling a real working-class story with no airs and graces, it does seem that Mullan tries to squeeze a bit too much into Neds.

Class divides, bullying teachers, drugs, gangs, alcoholism and domestic abuse are perhaps too many themes to cram into one film.

However the general story of a young lad, John McGill, going to the big school with top grades, before getting into the wrong crowd and letting his studies slip moves along well, with a good mix of action in the brutal gang clashes, and story in John’s slip from straight A student to homeless junkie.

Another let down though is the rather bizarre ending, which takes a lot of credibility out of the movie.

But all in all this my kind of film - a good old gritty British film.

And special mention has to go to the young actors involved, most of them with very little or no acting experience.

A choice that legendary British Film Director Ken Loach likes to make, to devastating effect.