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The Raven

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Kevin McRoberts

THE film takes its name from the famous narrative poem ‘The Raven’ by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, which was first published in 1845.

It’s not an adaptation the famous poem, but the film is influenced in a small way by Poe’s work and his writings in a local newspaper, and is set in the 1840s.

John Cusack stars as legendary author, who discovers a psychotic serial killer has been using his writings as inspiration.

After another murder appears to have been inspired by the author’s morbid stories, Detective Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) is convinced the killer will use Poe’s writings to strike again.

He pulls the author in for questioning, before recruiting the reclusive author to help solve the case, which takes a further twist when Poe’s fiancée Emily (Alice Eve) is kidnapped.

Cusack gives a decent performance as the much-troubled writer with a drink problem, and although it takes a while to get going – with too much blood and gore at times – the film is a decent watch with an interesting, if not too taxing, plot.