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American Pie: Reunion

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Lori Cormack

Can you believe it has been 13 years since the first American Pie movie was released? Since then there have been two reasonable follow-ups and countless straight-to-DVD rip offs, so it might be easy to write this one off. But don’t be fooled - the hide-behind-your-hands-because-it’s-so-embarassing film franchise is back to top form, in all its humilating glory. And all members of the original cast are back too, which is a real bonus.

As the title may suggest, the movie centres on a high school reunion and the Class of ‘99 are back in town and up to their old tricks. Jim (Jason Biggs), Oz (Chirs Klein), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Kev (Thomas Ian Nichols) and Stiffler (Seann William Scott) are all a little older, but not much wiser. They vow to make the reunion weekend as good as it used to be in High School, but as always with this group, things don’t exactly go to plan. We’re talking drunken 17- year-olds, drugged-up fathers and a questionable use for a drinks cooler.

This may not be the most sophisticated of movies you’ll ever watch - OK, not at all - but it’s great fun and provides a lot of immature laughs along the way.