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Snow White and The Huntsman

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Kevin McRoberts

SNOW White and The Huntsman might be based on a fairy tale, but this story is clearly not aimed at little kids.

Charlize Theron is a wonderfully wicked, delusional and psychotic queen who is encouraged by the mirror on the wall to assassinate the king, and steal youth and beauty from her subjects by sucking the life out of them. The mirror then gives her the idea of eating the heart of ‘the fairest in the land’, her stepdaughter Snow White – the excellent Kristen Stewart – to obtain her slender looks.

See, told you it wasn’t a typical Disney-style fantasy.

But Snow White and the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) sent to assassinate her fall for each other and run away to hide in some scary woods where they meet up with some dwarves.

Okay, this bit sounds more like the traditional fairy tale, but these dwarves are tough guys, not cuddly wee characters … and there’s eight of them. They’re funny though, and expertly portrayed thanks to some electronic trickery by top actors including Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins and Ian McShane.

A worthwhile new take on an old classic.