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DVD review 20-12-12
DVD review 20-12-12
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The Angels’ Share

Recommended by Tanya Scoon

The feelgood film of the year award must go to this gem of a comedy by Ken Loach who has turned some very unlikely subject matter into a cracker. The Angels’ Share - named after the small amount of alcohol that evaporates out of whisky barrels during the fermentation process - tells the tale of Robbie, an ex young offender who vows to make a better life for his partner and new son.

His opportunity to turn things around comes after a chance visit to a whisky tasting with his social worker and fellow ex criminals, when an opportunity which is just too good to miss presents itself to the rowdy rabble of delinquents. So they embark on a hilarious adventure which sees them planning the heist of the century at a remote Scottish distillery, armed with little more than some household implements and their wits.

The cast of relatively unknown young Scottish actors and actresses is strong and the chemistry works well in this unusual yet compelling tale of the underdog attempting to triumph over adversity.

This film will leave you smiling as, like a good whisky, it warms you from the inside out!