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Spies of Warsaw

Recommended by Kevin McRoberts

FORMER Dr Who David Tennant turns up as a French officer in this pre-Second World War drama, based on the novel by Alan Furst.

It’s a tale of espionage, with French and German intelligence operatives engaged in ruthless strategic subterfuge, with the action moving between Poland, Paris, London and Berlin.

Tennant is Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, who surprisingly passes off quite well as a French officer despite the lack of a French accent. Appearing a wee bit out of his depth, the Colonel finds himself trying to stay one step ahead of the enemy in a new kind of battleground of international intrigue.

His life is complicated further when he falls for Parisian League of Nations lawyer Anna (Janet Montgomery) – and then there’s the little matter of the whole world falling into chaos as the war looms large.

It’s an enjoyable and sometimes tense drama, and a decent story well told, with some exciting and memorable incidents and characters.

Having watched this, I’d be tempted to read the book – which has got to be a good sign. The music was good too.