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Rock of Ages

Recommended by Tanya Scoon

APOLOGIES to those who were sitting around me at the Dunfermline Odeon when I saw this on the big screen. I couldn’t help but sing along to the rock soundtrack of my youth!

No such apology was necessary in the privacy of my own home when belting out the rock ballads – I just hope the neighbours weren’t listening!

Rock of Ages is all about the music. It’s a real Cheddar-fest of rock classics and if you watch it with any expectations of great storylines or accomplished acting, then you’ll be disappointed. Me? I loved it!

Small town girl Sherrie goes to the big, bad city to follow her Hollywood dream and meets city boy Drew in a rock bar on Sunset Strip. Thus begins their big rock n’ roll romance conducted to the backdrop of music by Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Pat Benatar, and Whitesnake.

The path of true love does not run smooth, however, as egomaniac rockstar Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) arrives to save the Bourbon Rooms from closure, while conservative Mayor’s wife (Catherine Zeta Jones) tries to close them down.

A hugely entertaining romp - see if you can stop yourself from singing along!