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Paul McCabe

THE twenty third James Bond film is the third outing for Daniel Craig as 007, this time setting out to find out who is responsible for a string of attacks on MI6.

Bond eventually comes face to face with the culprit, a former MI6 agent Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem, who is out to get revenge on former boss M for betraying him. After Silva escapes from custody Bond and M drive to Bond’s childhood home, Skyfall, in Scotland, and wait for Silva to track them down

The plot is of course, like most Bonds, completely over the top, but that’s the job of a Bond movie and this one is up with the best in terms of fast-paced action throughout including some very impressive stunts, filmed brilliantly by director Sam Mendes.

With a lot of the film set in the UK at MI6, there’s welcome returns for the characters Q and Moneypenny and most excitingly for Bond geeks, the famous Aston Martin car.

The highest-grossing film in the UK last year, with a bunch of BAFTAs and Golden Globes to its name, it’s an extremely worthy addition to the Bond canon.

Pity about the horrible theme song...