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‘Schindler’s List’

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Mike Delaney

Recently re-released, ‘Schindlers List’ won Steven Speilberg a first best director Oscar.

One of the criticisms aimed at him is that he is unable to resist the urge to sugar-coat his confections, but, appropriately, given the subject matter - the Holocaust - he resisted the urge and created his darkest movie.

The director had been given a previous crack at securing the film rights for Thomas Keaneally’s novel ‘Schindlers Ark’, but he passed it up, perhaps nervous about the immensity of the subject he was addressing.

He needn’t have been so fearful, as he more than does the material justice.

The Nazi attack on the Ghetto is truly nightmarish and made all the more chilling by the bold inclusion of the scene where the camera tracks the flight of the little red-coated girl (a steal from ‘Don’t Look Now’?).

A great performance by Liam Neeson as Schindler, is matched by fantastic turns from Ralph Fiennes as the psychotic camp commander and Ben Kingsley as the Jewish Mr Fix-It.

‘Schindlers List’ is a moving testament to one of the most shocking chapters in history.