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The Last Stand

Recommended by Paul Cardwell

Out this week, ‘The Last Stand’ features a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) firing off some sort of machine gun with Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) laughing in the background. And that pretty much sums up the plot.

Rated 15 for strong bloody violence throughout - ‘The Last Stand’ is pretty much what you would expect from an Arnie action-film including fights, chases, some bad language and the obligatory smattering of cheese.

It sees Schwarzenegger play Sheriff Owens, who has been demoted to a sleepy border town, being drawn back into the big-time when one of the most notorious drug dealers escapes an FBI convoy in his quiet Summerton Junction patch.

If you like that kind of film, and there must be a fair few people who do as they are constantly churned out, then this will be an enjoyable 107 minutes.