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'Pitch Perfect'
'Pitch Perfect'

GIVEN the popularity of TV series ‘Glee’, the content and subject of this film is no surprise.

Even before the McKinlay High School kids came to our screen, films set in schools and colleges was not something new.

This time round, college freshman Beca (Anna Kendrick) decides to join her school’s a cappella women’s singing group.

The plot - you can guess it already I’m sure - is that the a capella group must compete against other college singing groups to try and win a national competition, proving they are the best.

Although it probably sounds like you’ve seen this one before, it’s actually incredibly well done.

The script is intelligent and witty, the characters likeable.

It’s the perfect cheesy film to watch on a Sunday afternoon and there’s definitely no need to think or to try and keep up with what’s happening.

The soundtrack is also pretty good too, with a great mix of modern and older songs featuring.