DVD choice - Debbie Clarke

Just Go With It
Just Go With It

IF you are looking for a light hearted comedy then look no further than Just Go With It. Okay, the storyline is a bit far fetched but it is a rom com and you don’t have to use your brain too much when watching it.

But, the main reason to see this film is the stunning location - it features beautiful location shorts of Hawaii.

Jennifer Aniston is good in the role and Adam Sandler is not acting way over the top which makes a nice change!

The music is also very good and upbeat which always helps with a good rom com. Of course’ ’Just Go With It’ does have its silly moments but you usually find that most films do. Another good thing is that this film doesn’t just appeal to women - men will probably enjoy it as well. Look out for a surprise performance by Australian actress Nicole Kidman. I didn’t realise she was in this and she plays a character different to the usual types of roles she takes on.

All in all , a good and a film which is ideal for a Sunday afternoon.