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Taken 2
Taken 2
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Taken 2

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Debbie Clarke

I was hesitant about watching Taken 2 as I thought it could never be as good as the original film Taken.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised - it was full of action and Liam Neeson was brilliant again in the role of retired CIA agent Bryan Mills.

This time he and his wife are taken hostage during a family vacation in Istanbul. They are taken after the father of one of the kidnappers - who snatched Bryan’s daughter in the original film - swears revenge on Mills for killing his son.

What I liked about this film was the fact that Mills’ daughter Kim was heavily involved in trying to help her dad escape.

Perhaps the storyline wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the most convincing (and probably quite far-fetched), but it was certainly action packed and kept you entertained from beginning to end.

I am not sure a third Taken film would work, as nothing can really top the original, but if you are looking for something engaging to watch but not too taxing on the brain, I would definitely recommend Taken 2.